Christmas has been and gone, but it’s only been two days, so I can still belatedly shoehorn in my three excellent vegan discoveries of the period:

1. Caffe Nero’s Mince Pies are vegan


Hi there, I’m a vegan MP.

Really they are. The label says so


Labels don’t lie

How brilliant that a big coffee chain lets the vegans play the mince pie game, and is daring enough to label their goods as vegan. It’s radical!

…except this pie wasn’t very nice. It was dry and lacking in filling. So having excitedly scooted to my nearest Caffe Nero after QuarryGirl revealed the news of the VMPs, I haven’t been back since. Sad times. At least we can take solace in all those customers fooled into accidentally eating vegan.

2. I had an amazing Christmas Dinner courtesy of Fay Gay Vegan and The Gallery Cafe – finer than most vegan dinners you probably had in the last few days.

We started with a mushroom pate

Mushroom Pate

Mushroom goodness and toast

Which isn’t at all a traditional christmas starter, but I like that. It was just good to eat.

We admired the Christmassyness of the brilliant cafe and had a beer

Beer and Christmas

Beer and Christmas

We ate a main course of a lot of roasted food with a superb gravy and homemade chutney and I was very full.



We met good people – most not exclusively vegan but just interested in trying it, which is surprising but an excellent marker of how the friendly arm of veganism is embracing more people all the time

Not all these people are vegan

Not all these people are vegan

And then I took a terrible photo of FGV and the staff getting a well-deserved round of applause

Can you see the chef in his hat?

Thanks to all the food-makers and servers and, of course, Sean for putting it together. A great sociable and delicious evening.

3. My girlfriend’s brothers made a very good Vegan christmas dinner for us, and her dad ate a nut roast and a rhubarb-apple crumble I made and enjoyed them both. Veganism embarks on its toughest challenge – breaking Cheshire. Updates to come in this war, sure to be hard-fought.