Today was the Brecknock Road Vegan Festival in Kentish Town where a collection of London vegan businesses gathered to have a little knees-up. It was a fine do.

Our time there started rainy, with the selection of stalls next to the Admiral Mann, just off Brecknock Road, keeping spirits up excellently – it was all very British, as you’d expect from a street fair in November.

We ate very good burgers in the heavy rain, one made from sweet potato, one from mushroom, courtesy of Rupert’s Street

Everyone knows its name

Everyone knows its name

It was my first time trying Rupert’s, so it’s unfortunate it was in such a downpour. I liked the burger but I’d like to go back and try something from there when I’m not so damp and grouchy. Everything looked special.

We took our burgers into the Third Estate, got free Yorkshire Tea from the nicest vegan shop-owners in London, and were instantly a lot happier, partly because the tea was Y.Tea, as is compulsory for any former Leeds-dwellers such as them (and me too – it’s the law).

The Third Estate was packed, and not just because of the rain – Will was launching Will’s Vegan Shoes

Will's Vegan Shoes

A busy shoe showcase

His shoes are high in quality and style – I know we all like to drone on about how hard it used to be to get good vegan shoes, but IT WAS REALLY HARD and it’s so good to have another vegan shoeperson enter the ring with the good stuff. And his shoes are damn good, appearing to be flying out the door. No men’s shoes for me to try today (though the boots on his website look amazing) but the ol’ vegan lady companion tried a couple

A shoe being tried on, a mere few hours ago

A shoe being tried on, a mere few hours ago

Will seems like a pleasant and passionate chap, and he’s doing good business with his shoes – not just vegan but fair trade too. I’m impressed.

The launch of Will’s shoes was the centrepiece of the day, but the most enjoyable part of the Brecknock Road festival was its mere existence – the fact that a street held a busy vegan festival full of all different sorts of people just having a good vegan time. A street of happy vegans – it’s one of Earth’s finest wonders.

Clearly, even though we’d had a burger lunch already, we had to also have a hot dog from The Mighty Fork because life isn’t complete without their incredible dogs at every opportunity. I went for the Yasai Dog and it was like eating curried wiener heaven.

Even though there weren’t a ridiculous number of people there, the queue was massive because where The Mighty Fork go, queues follow due to the cult popularity they’ve already built up. These guys need their own premises ASAP!

Mighty Fork

The sun came out so we all queued for dogs

A small mention too for the lady with the usherette tray of flapjacks who was launching The Flapjack Girls and handing out free flapjack bites – a nice touch from a new vegan business. Keep an eye out for them.

A successful day, despite the weather, for a perky local festival, filled with good shoes and the best sausages in town. Worth getting damp socks for.