I travel lots for my work and for each trip I’ll plan out where I might be able to get some vegan food, usually by checking the brilliant Happy Cow website and app, which is an essential traveler’s tool for crowdsourced vegan options.

I do this primarily because it’s fun to explore the vegan culture of new places I’m visiting just as much as I’m doing it because it’s the only way I’ll get to eat – in fact, it’s rare that I need the vegan/vegetarian places to survive. It’s often the case with work that there are organised dinners at which I’ll negotiate with waiting staff to get something vegan, and the vegan establishments are often an added bonus I’ll explore for fun.

The subheading in the Charlie Bit My Tofu masthead plays with the frequent statement I get when traveling that it must be hard to get vegan food – well, I have few problems even in the most unexpected places, whether that’s working with non-veg restaurants to be helpful, or finding hidden vegan options in the backstreets. You just have to speak up and look out and you’ll find delicious vegan food haunts in places you’d been told were vegan wastelands, like Raw Garden in Riga or Dream House in Sofia. Remember that most non-vegans aren’t aware of them so they’ll dismiss the possibility of their existence unless you go looking.

I was just in Leipzig, Germany, and had a typically great brush with unexpected great vegan food. Admittedly, Germany seems to have boomed in prominence for vegan goods recently (especially fake measts), so it shouldn’t be too surprising. However, I really didn’t expect an innocuous fast-food sausage place to be so vegan friendly. Step forward  Curry und Co, where I had some delightful experiences with currywurst



Curry und Co has the usual range of meaty German sausages but also a very good vegan range, including two different types of vegan sausage and lots of vegan sauces on offer.



Leckeren indeed – I went there every day to have some chopped sausages in curry sauce with chips. Not the most healthy diet, but who cares, just look how nice it is!


Now I’m back home I miss my lunch of vegan sausage in sauce, and I wish I’d tried more of their vegan options because what I did have was so good. Disappointing too that because of time I never made it to Vleischerei – Leipzig’s vegan kebab joint. If you find yourself out there, please visit and let me know how it is.

The lesson of today is – there are vegans everywhere and they want to give you food. Never forget that.